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Revolution, Not Reform!

Refoundation Statement of the Socialist Party of America

America is entering a new period of late-stage capitalism in a post-pandemic world. While the workers of this country are faced with steadily increasing costs met with decreasing income, the ruling elite continues to chase higher and higher profits, impose draconian restrictions, and start new never-ending wars abroad.

While current parties seek to chase the Democrats or Republicans, regular working families are left without a political home. We need a party that is equipped to face tomorrow’s challenges and demand the revolutionary and transformational shift to which all workers in America are entitled.

Originally founded in 1901, the Socialist Party of America has a history that is of the American Socialist movement. It has had its share of critical missteps and fractures, but like that movement, we have a chance to redeclare freedom from the two-party system and constitute what could have been.

Beginning in 2022, we’re refounding as an independent socialist political party working to awaken and empower fellow workers and compatriots. You are invited to join us in rebuilding a movement dedicated to the working masses, not the wealthy ruling classes.

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It’s time for working Americans to take back our lives and all of the wealth created with the exploitation of our labor.

In unity,

Socialist Party of America Refoundation Committee